‘One District-Two Agriculture Pocket Areas’ program launched in Karnali

Karnali Province

BIRENDRANAGAR, Sept 1: The Ministry of Land, Agriculture and Cooperatives Management of the Karnali province government has made preparation for implementing the One District-Two Agriculture Pocket Areas Programme in all the districts of the province.

The Ministry has planned to construct a cooperatives complex in Surkhet, the capital of the province. It has also envisaged operating various programmes for increased marketing of agriculture produce in the province.

Province Minister for Land, Agriculture and Cooperatives Management, Bimala KC shared this information organising a news conference here on Friday.

On the occasion, she said that her ministry has spent around 65 per cent of the total budget allocated to it for the fiscal year 2017/18. The province gobernment had allocated Rs 100 million 777 thousand to the Ministry for the current fiscal. Of this budget, the Ministry has spent Rs 65 million 475 thousand so far, she added.
Minister KC claimed that the programmes launched by her ministry have started showing results and the farmers have benefitted from these programs.

The Ministry has implemented scores of programs like construction of cooperative buildings, milk refrigeration facilities and small and cooperative irrigation projects in the province.

The Minister also said that the ministry was preparing to introduce 10 bills related to the agriculture sector. RSS