Tax-payer service office and internal revenue office set up



DAMAK, Sept 4: A tax-payer service office has been set up at Biratchok of Sundar Haraincha municipality -10 in Morang district.

The office has been established with the objective of providing the services that are provided by the Internal Revenue Office, Biratnagar to the industrialists and businessmen of eastern Morang in smooth and accessible way.

It is stated that some 38 thousand tax-payers of eastern Morang would be benefitted from this.

Finance Minister Dr Yuba Raj Khatiwada inaugurated the office on Monday. On the occasion, he said that protests against the tax have flared up in such a way that they are threatening the federalism itself. He clarified that the government has not imposed dual tax anywhere and urged the local governments not to increase the tax that will be burdensome on the people.

Meantime, the Finance Minister also inaugurated the Internal Revenue Office at Damak of Jhapa district on Monday. The office has been providing services to the tax-payers of the western area of Jhapa district. RSS