Reconstruction of Degu Taleju Temple stalled



LALITPUR, Sept 5: The reconstruction of the Degu Taleju temple at the world heritage site Patan Durbar Square has remained stalled even after more than three years since it was damaged by the Gorkha earthquake.

Restoration of this historic temple has not started yet due to the confusion over which body was responsible for undertaking the task.

The Patan Smarak Sanrakshan Tatha Durbar Herchaha Karyalaya has stated that it is yet to be decided which body – Kathmandu Valley Development Trust (KVDT) or the government itself – would carry out the reconstruction. The Karyalaya is the office responsible for conservation and looking after the ancient monuments and heritages.

The Government of Japan is providing an assistance of Rs 130 million for the reconstruction of this temple.

The KVDT had been carrying out the reconstruction works in this heritage site two or three years before the Gorkha Earthquake occurred on April 25, 2015. The government itself has started rebuilding some of the ancient temples and monuments.

The reconstruction of the monuments which the government itself has undertaken has also not made much headway due to the dillydallying by the contractor appointed by the government.

Chief of the Karyalaya, Kajiman Pyakurel said that the reconstruction works would move ahead if the KVDT itself undertook the rebuilding works instead of doing it through contractors.

“We have not been able to assign the responsibility to KVDT due to some legal provisions,” he said. As per law the Government cannot give amount more than Rs 6 million to a non-governmental organization for carrying out the reconstruction.
The Degu Taleju temple which was constructed in the medieval period during the reign of the Malla dynasty kings, is considered an important monument of the Patan Durbar Square, a world heritage site. RSS