Dang’s local levels becoming technology-friendly



TULSIPUR, Sept 5: Local levels in Dang, the district in Province 5, have started taking the help of technology to render services. The Ghorahi and Tulsipur sub metropolises and the Lamahi municipality have already switched to an online system to collect integrated property tax and deliver other sorts of services meant to be provided by the local government to the people.

Works related to social security allowance, collection of land tax and other sorts of revenue and registry are taking place through the online system and it has made the service delivery efficient and timely, by saving the time, the Ghorahi Sub Metropolitan Office said. Local-level employees here are being given training on the use of technology which is expected to be helpful for them to keep up to date with technology.

Tulsipur Sub Metropolitan Office senior finance officer Lalit Gharti confirmed that the local government was working to make its service delivery mechanism from office to ward level technology-friendly.

Similarly, Lamahi has already begun collecting taxes and making registrations of incidents through the online system, it is said. RSS