50 wards of Baitadi are without secretaries



BAITADI, Sept 9: Although the local levels elected its representatives one year ago, 50 of the total 84 wards in the district are without secretaries affecting service seekers. These wards are making do with junior officials in their absence.

All six wards of Shivanath Rural Municipality lack secretaries leaving official tasks to junior officials like technical assistants, said the rural municipality’s vice chair Kushma Chand.

Likewise, Meghauli Municipality has nine wards, and of them, six are without secretaries. Nine wards of Purchachaudi Municipality are being run by junior officials in the absence of secretaries.

Other wards that lack secretaries include five wards of Patan Municipality, three wards of Dogadakedar Rural Municipality and four wards of Dilashaini Rural Municipality.

When asked, the district coordination chief Siddha Raj Bhatta said their repeated call to the government to address the problem has not been heard so far. RSS