Chief Miniser Rai clarifies about his US visit

Province 1

Biratnagar, Nov 16 : Chief Minister of Province -1, Sherdhan Rai, has thanked all Nepalis in and outside the country wishing him good health and speedy recovery. 

Chief Minister Rai said that he went to Bangkok on November 2 for treatment at his own cost as per the decision of the cabinet meeting of the provincial government held on November 1, reads the press statement issued by the Office of the Chief Minister on Friday.

Saying he went to the United States of America for personal and family visit from Bangkok as he could get his final report of the health-test done there only on November 12, the Chief Minister said he visited various places including Baltimore and Washington DC after participating in a gathering jointly organised by New York-based Migrant Nepalis Forum and Federation of Indigenous Nationalities.

“I condemned the fake and baseless news disseminated by some media regarding my US visit”, reads the statement. The statement signed by the Chief Minister clarified that the Chief Minister did not use diplomatic passport (red passport) while going abroad for the treatment and also informed the federal government in this regard. (RSS)