Dipendra Kandel Initiative and South Delhi Municipality To Collaborate For Public Sector Innovation

DELHI, November 17th :  Dipendra Kandel Initiative (DKI), a concept of Organizational Think-Tank, new to many and perhaps first of its kind in the globe, has taken a giant leap through the collaboration with South Delhi Municipal Corporation (SDMC), New Delhi.

The President of the Initiative, Public Sector Innovator Er. Dipendra Kandel had a meeting with Mayor Of SDMC Honorable Sh. Narendra Chawla on Thursday, 15 November 2018 at SDMC office in New Delhi.

He said that his Think Tank based INGO/NPO is giving a kick-start of its first collaboration with Local Government SDMC, a capital and booming municipality of India.

In a recent communication from Delhi where Mr. Kandel is finalizing his regional office, he confirmed the news. He said a draft proposal of the next first few works has been submitted to South Delhi Municipal Corporation.

The main objectives of DKI are to support the SDMC government through research on various public policies such as Traffic Management Policy, Sanitation Policy, Health Policy, Education Policy, Public Administration / Bureaucracy Reform Policy, Employment Policy, Migration Policy and more.

“This step will bring not only the challenges to the organization but also, the opportunities to empower the Government of South Delhi Municipal Corporation through the Public Sector Innovation” Mr. Kandel briefed our news department about the scope of the organization in Delhi.

Kandel added, we just need the data from the SDMC and we will do the funding for the research and give the appropriate policy solution with the appropriate analysis. He says, our office in Kathmandu will collect the data and forward it its operation office in Dubai.

Mr. Kandel further reiterated that such influential work with the government of South Delhi Municipal Corporation will completely be based on the research and have the following other departments such as Sister City / City Twinning, Executive Education and Training, and Events.

I have confirmed to the Mayor that the first thing we do is Sister City / City Twinning with the appropriate city, he added. It is hoped that this project would take off as soon as practicable to facilitate the problems in South Delhi to boost their Public Sector for the economic development of their citizens.

Dipendra Kandel Initiative has collaborated with Mohammed Bin Rashid School of Government (MBRSG) which was launched under the patronage of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai.