‘Social security scheme would bring cheerful changes to the Nepali society’

Kathmandu, Nov 27 : Minister for Labour, Employment and Social Security, Gokarna Bista, has said that a safe and guaranteed journey has begun towards social security sector by ending uncertainty. 

Addressing a programme organised to launch Social Security Scheme based on contribution in the capital on Tuesday, Minister Bista said the social security scheme would bring cheerful changes to the Nepali society and the general people.

“Today is an important day for both workers and employers. This step will end the uncertain and unsafe situation of workers in days ahead. The workers can live a respectful life and involved in labour being confident about their future.”

The Labour Minister expressed the belief that an environment conducive for investment would be created by employers after establishing good labours relation at their own industrial institutions. “The workers can fully focus in work due to safe and guaranteed future.”

Expressing the belief that the dream of civilized society, prosperous Nepal and happy Nepali would be fulfilled only from the successful implementation of social security scheme, Minister Bista said that social security scheme is the component to guarantee social security.

Secretary of Labour Ministry and Chairperson of Social Security Fund, Mahesh Prasad Dahal, said that activities have already been started to transform Fund into a commercial organisation. There is representation of government, employers and workers in the Social Security Fund Board.

PHOTO : Mukunda Kalikote/Nepali Reporter