Dipendra Kandel Initiative to observe Innovation of Bangladeshi Elections

Kathmandu, December 30: Dipendra Kandel Initiative, an INGO for Government Innovation, has sent delegations to monitor an election in Bangladesh today.

President Of Dipendra Kandel Initiative Innovator Mr. Dipendra Kandel will lead a DKIEOM’s to observe Bangladeshi general election on 30 December 2018.

Head of the secretariat Ms. Shanta Sharma says, “We are extremely delighted to announce that DKI has been invited from the Election Commission of Bangladesh to witness their election as observers. Our team will closely observe the administration and innovation in the election.”

Ms. Sharma further stated that DKI delegation will assess factors affecting the technological innovation or the electoral process as a whole and it will consider the voting process, counting and tabulation procedures and the announcement of results.

“The DKIEOM’s is independent and will determine on its own judgment whether the elections have been conducted according to the technological innovation in the election and to the standards of Bangladeshi election-related legislation.  Likewise, our observers will act impartially and will adhere to the standards of the International Declaration of Principles for Election Observation.” She said.

“Approximately 100 million voters will vote from 40,199 polling stations across the country to elect 300 directly elected seats. Whereas 50 seats are reserved for women which make the total of 350 members of the Jatiya Sangsad to run a five-year term,” she added.

Of note, DKI’s role and report it produced after recent Zimbabwe elections were highly acclaimed locally and Internationally.