‘Govt. activities not sluggish’ : Rayamajhi

Top Bahadur Rayamajhi

Ilam, Dec 30 : Standing Committee member of the Nepal Communist Party, Top Bahadur Rayamajhi, has said that the activities of the incumbent government were not sluggish as rumoured by the opposition.

At a news conference organised here today, leader Rayamajhi made it clear that no ‘magical’ development was seen in government’s activities as it has been making draft of sustainable development.

He said, “Development and prosperity can not be achieved immediately. It is the gradual process.” Also the former Deputy Prime Minister, Rayamajhi mentioned that the government has lots of responsibilities as the country has been transformed into new era.

He further said that activities were continuous in order to conclude the unification of the CPN in all organisations of the party by mid January.

Rayamajhi urged the party cadres to be confident that party unification task would be concluded soon as the discussion was held on all the issues in the Standing Committee meeting. (RSS)