Parliamentarians question proposed CJ in parliamentary committee

Kalika Khadka : Kathmandu, Dec. 30 : The proposed Chief Justice (CJ) Cholendra Shumsher JBR has pledged to make efforts to end corruption, anomalies and aberrations in the judiciary during his tenure.

In the hearing of today’s Federal Parliament’s Parliamentary Hearing Committee, Cholendra Shumsher said he will make sure that delayed in justice would be brought under scrutiny.

He reiterated,” The code of conduct for Justices will be implemented if there is any delay in serving justice. And the Justices will be kept in check whether their performances at upto the mark and impartial.”

Sharing the 15-points action plan to the lawmakers in today’s meeting, the proposed Chief Justice said that the cases in the Constitutional Bench will be accorded the highest priority.

JBR added, “Priority will be accorded to cases relating to the constitutional bench as well as elderly and detainees.”
“My focus would be on timely implementation of the verdict pronounced by the court.”

He informed that his bench had pronounced around 4,500 cases while he was in the Appeal Court and 6,438 cases while he was in the Supreme Court.

He has made important verdicts on special cases relating to rights to property to the step-mothers and daughter’s equal rights in Trust. As he served in the Supreme Court, he is accused of producing verdicts favoring those who privatize the public land.

The lawmakers fired questions to the wannabe Chief Justice regarding his verdicts on cases privatization of a public pond at Chapkaiya in Birgunj, infiltration with the middlemen in the Casino Royal related case and piece of land at Chaunni in Kathmandu claimed by the daughter of former King Gyanendra Shah.

Lawmakers Rajendra Shrestha, Jitrendra Dev, Gyanendra Bahadur Karki, Purna Kumari Subedi, Suman Raj Pyakurel and Puspa Bhusal questioned the proposed Chief Justice on many concerns.

Photo By : Mukunda Kalikote/NepaliReporter