Rs 900 million Masterplan for promotion of Mahadev Dham in Dang

Ghorahi, Dec 31 : A master plan has been formulated for the development of tourism at Pandaveshwor Mahadev Dham here.

The master plan amounting to Rs 900 million to develop and promote the religious spot Pandaveshwor Mahadev Dham at Dharapani in Dang district.

According to Pandaveshwor Mahadev Dham’s Secretary Bishnuram Acharya, some works relating to construction of physical infrastructures have been completed under the master plan.

Acharya further said that earlier they had prepared Rs 700-million-master plan where some plans were left out.

As per the new master plan, the forest surrounding the Mahadev Dham would be protected and an artificial lake would be made in the area stretching across four bigha areas towards the north of the Dham.

A 31-quintal bell would be constructed at Sunkot Dando, two kilometres upward the Dham and a proper track with 4,963 stairs would be constructed to reach Sunkot.

Construction of 107 taps and plantation of Banyan and sacred Fig saplings in and around the Dham area have been completed as of now, Acharya added.

He said that legal process for the master plan has been forwarded. The provincial government of Province no 5 has allocated Rs 50 million for the tourism promotion of Dharapani Dham. RSS