“Wish to see happiness in the faces of children”

Kathmandu, Jan 1 : “Whenever I see happiness in the face of children, I am happy too,” Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli said in response to questions from children.

Responding to questions posed by children at the ‘PM with children’ event organized by Nepal Scouts here Tuesday, Prime Minister Oli emphasized on the need to ensure happiness in the face of the new generation.

“People should be free of hunger. Nobody should succumb to cold. The society needs to be equitable. In such a situation, I will also be happy along with all the Nepalis,” he said.

On the occasion, the children inquired Prime Minister Oli about his childhood. He shared that he was born in 2008 B.S. in Chhatedhunga of Terhathum district and had to actually do two kinds of homework during his school days.

“One was the home work given by the teacher in school, and another home work at the house including collecting green fodder, grazing the cattle etc.”

In response to another question, Prime Minister Oli said text books not reaching community schools is now history. He noted that no such situation will arise in the future while no child will be out of school from the coming academic year.

The Prime Minister also said it was good to learn English as it is an international language but that does not mean you don’t need to learn Nepali. “You have to be versed in your national language and mother tongue,” the PM stressed.

The children on the occasion also inquired about the incident of murder and rape of Nirmala Pant. To this the Prime Minister said the government was seriously working to find the facts behind the incident.

“Those behind Nirmala’s rape and murder are being sought and they will be nabbed eventually,” he said. RSS

Photo By : Mukunda Kalikote