350 monkeys transferred to Chitwan from Mahashila

Parbat, Jan 14 : Mahashila rural municipality of Parbat district has brought around 350 monkeys under control and transferred them to Chitwan National Park.

Spokesperson of the rural municipality, Jeevan Bikram Uchai, said that the rural municipality brought 330 monkeys under control till November 16 of the current fiscal year by launching a campaign to trap them after locals complained of the apes damaging their crops and causing nuisance. The monkeys were transferred to Chitwan National Park last week.

He said that more than 1.1 million was spent to bring these monkeys under control. The rural municipality has allocated Rs 1.5 million in the current fiscal year for the same. The village assembly of Mahashila passed the proposal to control the menace of monkeys after fruits, maize, vegetables and potato grown in villages were destroyed by monkeys. (RSS)