Minister Banskota for cultural enrichment

Kavrepalanchok, Jan 15 : Minister for Communications and Information Technology Gokul Prasad Banskota has opined for linking various cultures to economic prosperity.

Speaking in a programme organized at Panchkhal in the district on the occasion of Halleu Sankranti on Tuesday, Minister Banskota suggested linking culture with prosperity to attract economic activities.

The Done (Danuwar) community marks the festival as the Halleu Sankranti on the first day of Magh month of Nepali calendar.

On the occasion, Minister Banskota also stressed on promoting diverse cultural harmony for mutual understanding in the society. He urged the Done to explore their original culture and script for preservation.

According to Done Development Central Society chair Rajan Kumar Done, the current population of the Done is about 300,000 in Nepal. RSS