NC obstructs house meeting, deferred until Feb 3

National Medical Education Bill

KATHMANDU, Jan 31: The main opposition party Nepali Congress obstructed the House of Representatives meeting on Thursday demanding the government save Dr Govinda KC’s life. Dr KC has been staging his 16th hunger strike since January 9 demanding revision in the National Medical Education Bill 2075 and fulfillment of the agreements reached with him in his 15th fast-unto-death.

The NC stood from their respective seats as a symbol of protest as soon as the meeting began. Speaker Krishna Bahadur Mahara granted NC lawmaker Dr Minendra Rijal time to express his view after NC lawmakers stood up in protest.

Lawmaker Rijal said accused the government of passing the Bill incorrectly and demanded it revise its decision.

The government, who boast two-third majority in the house, forced the Bill amid strong resistance from the opposition NC and endorsed it through the parliament.

Rijal also drew the government’s attention toward ailing Dr KC and demanded the government take initiatives immediately to save his life.

According to Rijal the government is misreading its ‘majority’ as ‘pride and the ability do anything and argued that it will be self-destructive.

He also asked why the contribution of late NC leaders Girija Prasad Koirala and Sushil Koirala has been forgotten by the government not keeping the hospitals named after the two leaders under the federal government.

He referred to lack of policy to operate two hospitals named after two late NC leaders Girija Prasad and Sushil–GP Koirala National Centre for Respiratory Diseases in Tanahun and Sushil Koirala Prakhar Cancer Hospital in Banke.

Following Dr Rijal’s statement, the lawmakers continued to protest. Speaker Mahara adjourned the meeting till February 3.