CM Pokharel emphasizes need of on coordination among parties

left alliance, Shankhar Pokhrel

LAMAHI, Feb 3: Province 5 Chief Minister Shankar Pokharel has emphasized the need of coordination among the political parties to expedite the development works.

Addressing the 4th assembly of Bangalachuli Rural Municipality in Dang district on Saturday, the Chief Minister said that advancement of development works was a major priority of the hour instead of partition of the political parties in the name of ruling and opposition.

“The country has already moved on the path of prosperity. We cannot make the nation prosperous if we continued our political struggles. Cooperation for development is needed at present instead of getting divided in the role of ruling and opponent parties,” Pokharel said.

Pokharel was of the opinion that the nation could be made prosperous in five years provided that all parties upheld the common agendas of development.

He, however, said that changes could not be institutionalized in the country unless the complete sets of laws drafted despite all three layers of polls were accomplished.