What are PM Employment Program and unemployment allowance?

Prime Minister Employment Program

KATHMANDU, Feb 14: The government on Wednesday launched its ambitious Prime Minister Employment Program in a bid to end the unemployment problems by creating new job opportunities within the country with the joint cooperation of government, private and cooperative sectors in coordination among federal, provincial and local levels.

The program has vowed to guarantee a minimum employment of 100 days a year to all people aged between 18 to 59, while promising subsistence allowance to the family having no jobs to any member.

According to the Ministry of Labor, Employment and Social Security, employment coordinators will be provisioned at all 753 local levels, who will get a count on the number of unemployed people of the country by June 25, 2019.

The unemployed citizen, officially identified by rural municipalities and municipalities, will then be provided identity cared.

The Employment Information Centers at local levels will help match the listed unemployed people with the demand in the labor markets, in order to mobilize them in the governmental development works and other public projects. They will also receive vocational and skill-oriented training.

The family of those who do not have the minimum salary or if no one in the family is self-employed or in foreign employment will receive the unemployment allowance. The unemployed will get 50 percent of the 100 days’ minimum wage.

According to the ministry, the government intends to create employment opportunities first rather than only distribute allowances.

The government under this program is hoping to create 7,00,000 jobs within five years.