CPN (ML) urges government to be cautious

CP Mainali, CK Raut

KATHMANDU, March 11: The standing committee meeting of the Communist Party of Nepal (Marxist-Leninist), CPN (ML), has said the government’s bringing the CK Raut-led group involving in secessionist activities into peaceful politics is a positive step.

The meeting chaired by party general secretary CP Mainali also urged the government to immediately make its views public saying the CK Raut group has started publicizing that the government has agreed to organize a ‘referendum’ on its demand of ‘Madhes as an independent country’.

The party said that point number 2 of the agreement mentioned, ‘agreed that the grievances in the Tarai/ Madhes and elsewhere in the country would be resolved through the democratic method of public consultation’.

Based on this point, CPN (ML) standing committee stated that the government should be cautious of the possibility of the CK Raut group pursuing seditious activities through peaceful means.

The party also expressed its objection to what it said the government agreeing to the group’s name as ‘Independent Madhes Alliance’ and the agreement mentioning that the Alliance would be treated as a democratic political force. RSS