42 local level yet to get direct bank services

Reporters' Club Nepal

KATHMANDU, March 17: Bank services are yet to reach a total of 42 local levels of the country. According to the latest economic details made public by Nepal Rastra Bank, branches of commercial banks have opened in 711 of the 753 local level units the country.

The government plans to reach banking services to all the local levels within this fiscal year. According to NRB data, bank units have been opened in 129 of the 137 local levels in province no. 1 and in 133 of the 136 levels in province no. 2.

Likewise, of the 119 local levels in province no. 3 only 5 are left to be equipped with the bank services while three are left in Gandaki province and two in province no. 5. However, in Karnali province of the 79 local levels, only 64 have got direct bank service. In Sudur Paschim province, 6 local levels are yet to get any branch of a commercial bank. RSS