Sixty helipads to be constructed in Jumla


JUMLA, April 30: Sixty helipads are to be constructed in Jumla district.

The local levels are coordinating in this regard and the process has begun for constructing the helipads in the 60 wards of one municipality and seven rural municipalities in the district, said assistant chief district officer Devendra Prasad Shrestha.

“The place for constructing helipad would be selected on the consensus of the locals, the local level office-bearers and the police station in the village. The concept of constructing one helipad in one ward has been forwarded for facilitating rescue and relief works at times of medical emergency and natural disasters,” he added.


The Gothijyula- Kalakanda-Gamtha road which was closed for four months has come into operation on Monday. The road connects Gothijyula of Sinja in Jumla district to Gamtha via Kalakanda of Mugu district.

The locals of Luma, Gauri, Okharpata, Budu, Majh Budu and surrounding areas at Kanakasundari rural municipality-3 in Jumla district had blocked the road, citing that the leaders of Mugu district failed to live up to their promise at the time of constructing the road.

According to the locals, the political leaders had promised to construct rural roads linking their localities to the main road at the time of constructing the Gothijyula- Kalakanda-Gamtha road. The road was opened after an agreement to construct the branch roads linking the various villages in Kanakasundari rural municipality-3.

An acute shortage of daily essentials hit entire Khatyad rural municipality of Mugu due to the obstruction of the road for four months. The development works were also affected as the construction materials could not be transported.

A team comprising the chief district officer of Mugu district, Jaya Kumar Ghimire and House of Representatives member Mohan Baniya from Mugu and the team comprising the chief district officer of Jumla, Durga Banjade and Karnali State Assembly member Padam Rokaya from Jumla had reached Gothijyula for talks with the locals in a bid to open the road.  RSS