Govt policies and programs: Security printing in country within two years

Government policies and programs

KATHMANDU, May 3: The government is to establish a security printing service in the country within two years.

The government’s policies and programs stated that the security printing house would be established to print passports, banknotes, VAT stickers, postal tickets, land ownership certificates and documents of public importance.

Similarly, all types of services and activities of government and private sectors would be operated in an electronic medium and electronic transaction expanded to local levels by making it safe and trustworthy after enforcing electronic payment and signature, read the policies and programs.

Five-year national action plan of Digital Nepal Framework would be brought into implementation.

Works related to expanding broadband internet in all wards, health centers and community schools would be completed within next year, as per the policies and programs.

A national identity card along with biometric information and different identity numbers would be distributed to all Nepalis within next four years.

As per the policies and programs made for the forthcoming year, all the personal details of the citizen will be included in the national identity card and on its basis, all the state facilities and social security benefits will be provided to the citizens.

All financial transactions shall be made through the banking system.

Likewise, citizens in central to local level will be able to avail government services through the use of mobile app conveniently.

Provisions would be put in place where the service-seekers would get all the information about government facilities and their grievances.

And the electronic system has been prepared to monitor the government’s service, decision-making process and developments of the national pride projects.

The new policies and programs envisage launching Nepal Program for shooting of films and promoting cine tourism.

A one-door policy would be put in place to provide all the services to the foreigners coming to Nepal for shooting of films and documentaries.

Necessary steps would be taken to attract foreign filmmakers to shoot movies in Nepal.RSS