World Laughter Day: Why practice Laughter Yoga?

Laughter Yoga

“Laughter is the best medicine.”

Laughter Yoga is a practice of prolonged voluntary laughter. It is believed that laughing voluntarily can provide the same psychological and physiological benefits as spontaneous laughter. According to studies, 15 minutes of laughter on a daily basis will improve one’s health drastically.

World Laughter Day is marked across the globe on the first Sunday of May month every year. The movement was started by Dr. Madan Kataria in 1998 in Mumbai, India.

The first Laughter Day celebrated outside India was in the year 2000 and was called the ‘Happy-demic’, where more than 10,000 people gathered outside Town Hall Square in Copenhagen, Denmark. It was the largest ever gathering that laughed and bonded together and the event went into the Guinness Book of World Records.

Different laughter clubs organize special programs on this day, which includes mass laughter session, peace rallies, blood donation camps, free BP and diabetic tests, etc. Members of the laughter clubs across the world gather a public place along with friends and family members.

The activity of laughing has numerous benefits. It lowers blood pressure, increases oxygen intake and improves concentration. The practice of laughing helps one lead a healthy life.

For the inexperienced, Laughter Yoga involves chanting of Ho Ho Ho with genuine laughing. The asana includes different laughter exercises such as hearty laughter, greeting laughter, open-mouthed laughter, silent laughter and humming laughter.


Improves the cardiac system 

Laughter Yoga is a powerful cardio workout and just 10 minutes of hearty laughter is equal to 30 minutes of the rowing machine.

According to research by Belgian researchers’ studies, laughing and therapeutic humor practices can help the cardiac patients and the practice it prevents cardiovascular diseases. Laughing stimulates blood flow and reduces pressure on the heart.

Boosts immunity

Researchers have noticed that laughing helps in the production of infection-fighting antibodies. Laughter boosts up the production of antibody-producing cells in our body, making the T-cells more powerful and creating a stronger immune system.

Boosts pain tolerance

According to various studies, laughing increases pain tolerance as it helps to relieve muscle pain by triggering the production of natural painkillers.

Enhances brain’s functions and improves respiratory system

Neurologists argue that laughing is one of the best exercises for the brain. It also helps revitalize our lungs as we inhale more oxygen when we laugh out loud.

Helps you lose weight

Laughter Yoga is one of the best aerobic exercises as it burns a good amount of calories.

Controls blood pressure

This exercise and yogic breathing are helpful for people who are suffering from high blood pressure. Those suffering from hypertension are recommended to join a nearby laughing club.

Makes you happy

Laughter Yoga also stimulates the release of endorphin which changes one’s mood making him/her happy. It is the antidote for depression and reduces stress.