Rs 141 billion earmarked for post-earthquake reconstruction task

budget fiscal year 2019/20, post earthquake reconstruction

KATHMANDU, May 29: The government has allocated Rs 141 billion budget for the post-earthquake reconstruction in its budget for the coming fiscal year 2019/20.

The budget presented by Minister for Finance, Dr. Yubraj Khatiwada, at the joint session of the Federal Parliament reads that Rs 58.73 billion has been allocated to complete reconstruction of private houses within the next fiscal year.

Similarly, the arrangement of Rs 1 billion has been made to complete the reconstruction of Dharahara within the coming fiscal year.

The budget has set a target to complete the reconstruction of heritages damaged by the earthquake.

The budget has adopted a policy to make a partnership with local levels in reconstruction.

Likewise, the arrangement of Rs 60 million has been made to each constituency area for local infrastructure development program.

The budget has also given continuity to the Tarai-Madhes prosperity program. RSS