Evening rains likely to continue for next three-four days

Rainfall in Kathmandu

KATHMANDU, June 2: Thunderstorm accompanied with winds has been predicted in some areas of the hilly and eastern Tarai regions for the next few days, despite partly to generally cloudy throughout the country.

According to Meteorological Forecasting Division, the wind carrying water vapor originated from the Bay of Bengal that entered Nepal via the eastern region has triggered evening rains for a few days and this condition will continue for some days.

Thunderstorm accompanied by lighting after afternoon has been possible for the next three or four days.

Tentatively, monsoon begins in the country on June 10. But this time, it is likely to be delayed by one week.

In Nepal, monsoon enters from Kerala of India where it is yet to begin However, the Western Tarai is remained unaffected by this weather system and because of this, the region is dry at this time.

The Western Tarai remains relatively farther from the Bay of Bengal and it is not always affected by the westerly winds.

According to Division’s meteorologist Min Kumar Aryal, the area west to Nepalgunj will remain dry for some days.

Only the hyperactive westerly wind system has its impact in the Western Tarai. Generally, it affects hilly and mountainous regions of western Nepal.

The temperature in western Tarai is five to six degree Celsius more than of the eastern Nepal.

The Division latest details show Pokhara experienced the highest 35 millimeters rains in the past 24 hours. RSS