Traffic police wheel-lock two vehicles of Home Ministry for rampant parking (With Video)

government officers' negligence

KATHMANDU, June 26: Two police officers wheel-locked two vehicles of Home Ministry for negligent parking in the eastern gate of Singha Durbar on Wednesday.

Some officials of the Home Ministry had parked the vehicles with the number plates Ba 2 Jha 346 and Ba 2 Jha 4388 on the busy road blocking the smooth flow of the traffic and had gone for the lunch.

When the officials arrived to see their vehicles wheel-locked, they, including the driver, had pressured the police officers to unlock the wheels and even threatened them to take away their jobs.

The locals had supported the brave officers for being dutiful and had also warned the driver and the home ministry officials not to show arrogance because they are government servants and ride Home Ministry’s vehicles.

In response, the traffic officer had replied, “I am a police constable and I am doing my duty. If they terminate me for doing my duty responsibly, I will find another job.”

One of the vehicles was released after the driver gave them his license.