101 tourist destinations declared in Karnali State

Reporters' Club Nepal

KATHMANDU, July 11: The federal and state governments jointly have declared 101 tourist destinations in Karnal State (79 destinations declared by Ministry of Karnali State for Industry, Tourism, Forest and Environment, and 17 by federal government).

The governments acted on recommendations by local levels and State Assembly members related to the field.

Minister for Industry, Tourism, Forest and Environment of Karnali State, Nanda Singh Buda informed that budget has been allocated for infrastructure development of 38 tourist destinations of the total declared ones for the fiscal year of 2019/20.

“Budget will be mobilized in line with a master plan for new tourist destinations to be made following the formation of the state tourism board. We failed to allocate budget in all tourist destinations due to limited resources. Budget will be set aside in these destinations in the coming fiscal years,” he said.

The Ministry has a total of Rs 2.45 billion budget for the FY 2019/20. RSS