Health Conundrum: PM KP Oli to leave for a follow-up to Singapore


KATHMANDU, Aug 19: Just days after Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli stated to his party workers and cadres informing him of his improved health will be leaving for Singapore for a follow-up check up.

The Prime Minister had spent 9 days for a thorough check up just earlier this month, he was ecstatic on his return stating ” I was in Singapore for my health check-up and this time from my ears, neck, fingers, and nails, everything was thoroughly checked. Nothing will happen to me for the next 20-25 years so says my Doctor, I am not sick”.

It is less than a week since he as returned and will be going back again for a follow up check up according to sources of the Communist Party of Nepal. He is said to be leaving in the next few days. The Prime Minister has a history of grave renal problems and he had undergone a transplant, he is taking medications for the same.