Joint Commission Meeting advantageous: Development opportunities for Nepal

KATHMANDU, Aug 20: Former Ambassador to India Dr. Durgesh Man Singh stressed on the importance of the current meeting of the India-Nepal joint commission. Talking at a program organized in the Reporters Club today he expressed satisfaction that this was an opportune moment for Nepal to move forward in developing various infrastructural projects that have been previously discussed.

Dr. Singh stated, “The development of India-Nepal relations is the prime agenda, previously we had load shedding for over 12 hours and now we have come to a point with constant access to electricity, this is because of the exchange of transmission lines across the border”. He said that it was crucial for Nepal to improve more such projects in order to take the country forward.

Dr. Singh said “Prime Minister Narendra Modi ‘s government has a clear majority and his largely supported by the people of India, he has visited Nepal four times in the past. The Integrated Check Post in Birgunj, development in hydropower, and the Amlekhganj petroleum pipeline projects have been mutually beneficial. Similarly, we also have to take advantage of the enormous opportunity that is in front of us. This meeting is extremely crucial, a good forum providing a platform to bring every issue to the table, and hence we should not miss this opportunity and put this to good use”.

Dr. Singh sees the India Nepal Joint Commission meeting as an advantageous opportunity that will enable opportunities and growth for both the Nations.