Republic in Danger: Grand Design to bring back Hinduism and Monarchy

   “The Republic is in grave danger; we have to unite in order to be able to save it”

KATHMANDU, Aug 21: National People’s Front Central Committee has released a detailed press statement regarding their upcoming programs and organizational activities of the party. Speaking at their party press conference organized at the Reporters Club, the President Chitra Bahadur KC read out the press statement issued by the central committee after a meeting which was held back on 16 August. Chitra Bahadur KC is a veteran Communist leader and former Deputy Prime Minister.

He also answered questions of various journalists present on the occasion regarding the current state of affairs. He expressed concern over various rumors doing the rounds of social media and the public regarding bringing back Monarchy. In the detailed press statement issued by the National People’s Front issues such as the current state of sovereignty, secularism, and the republic all were in danger due to the activities of the government.

The press statement states that there is an agenda to destroy the secular fabric of this Nation and bring back Hinduism as a state religion, once this happens then Monarchy will be re-instated overthrowing the Republic. This is the reason why we have to voice concerns and organize peaceful protests through various measures.

Nepal is going through a stage of absolute corruption, the crisis in obtaining citizenship, rising prices, rising taxes, and oppression in the Terai region of farmers, labors, women and indigenous people. We have now taken the responsibility to make the citizen aware of what is happening to the country.

The programs are planned over a span of several months. The main agenda is also to increase the number of memberships for the party along with informing the public about the current scenario of the country.

“The republic is in grave danger. We have to unite in order to save it. There are forces at work that want to bring back Nepal as a Hindu state, and once that happens they will reinstate Monarchy overthrowing the Republic. We have brought this system through a lot of struggle and sacrifice. Everyone needs to be aware that religion is a very personal choice, and we should separate religion and the state, we cannot be ruled upon in the name of religion” KC said.