Health intricacies: PM Oli leaves for Singapore

KATHMANDU, Aug 22: Personal doctor to the Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli has made it evident that the PM has left for Singapore for further treatment due to the increase in antibodies, which is a sign of renal difficulty. He also said that PM Oli left for Singapore on his personal recommendation to the condition of his health.

Speaking in an exclusive press conference organized at the Reporters Club in Kathmandu Dr. Sharma stated it was indeed appalling and unrealistic. “The PM has gone to Singapore to continue the treatment in order to remove the antibodies present in his body. According to him, the PM Oli will be staying for 3-6 days along with Dr. Divya Singh who is also his private physician. Also on the occasion when asked by the clubs President Rishi Dhamala, Dr. Sharma said ” There will be specialized tests conducted in the National University Hospital in Singapore. The tests are being conducted to test renal capacity since the creatinine levels were at a mark of five, which is considered to be extremely high. He will be there because the Hospital is technologically well equipped and able to handle such delicate cases”.

During the program, Dr. Sharma also read a press statement issued regarding the health condition of the Prime Minister. The statement read ” Honorable Prime Minister was given a health test and treatment at the National University Hospital, Singapore, earlier this month. During that period, preliminary tests have shown that the kidney volume of some of the antibodies has relatively increased. Treatment for the removal of the antibodies has been initiated in the prior treatments and the Prime Minister will be there to continue the same course, and further necessary tests will be conducted. He will be accompanied by his personal physician and will be in charge of an expert team of Doctors from Singapore. A thorough examination of his condition will be conducted, along with a micro-study in order to enhance his renal capacity.

Dr. Divya Singh who is accompanying the Prime Minister will continue informing the Nepalese people during his screening and course of his treatment.