Stating right to dissent as fundamental Communist leaders see the party stronger than ever

KATHMANDU, Aug 23: Recent media debates have been filled with news regarding dissatisfaction and split within the Nepal Communist Party.  Prior to his departure Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli according to the decisions taken from the central leadership of the party had distributed various responsibilities. However, dissatisfaction was seen between a senior leader and former Prime Minister Mr. Madhav Kumar Nepal. Talking about these recent developments standing committee leaders Devendra Poudel and Anand Kumar Pokharel spoke to the Reporters Club in a special interaction program presided by Rudra Karki. “There is no dispute within the party, Madhav Nepal’s differing opinion is our property” claimed the leaders while interacting with journalists.

Member Poudel said that Party unity will proceed with consensus and a broader level of understanding. He also said it will go ahead with a referendum. “Aspirations of the cadres should be met, we leaders have an obligation toward the people of the party”. He further laid stress on the homogenous unity of the party and that seniority didn’t matter much, everyone has a voice within the party. Mr. Poudel also said that “When the PM returned from Singapore, he had discussions with the political parties for a national consensus regarding the issues of constitutional amendments, and he also called for a Cabinet meeting.  In PM Oli’s absence, former Prime Minister and Chair Prachanda will preside over the functioning and oversee work”.

Leader Poudel stated that the slogan of ‘ Prosperous Nepal, Happy Nepali’ which the government had adopted was moving towards fulfillment. He believes that since the Communist Party believes in democratic centralism, it will proceed according to party rules and regulations. “There is a collective decision in the party, and all personal responsibility must be fulfilled,” he said.

Speaking in the same program standing committee member and Former Minister Anand Kumar Pokharel said that there were differences that existed in the history of Nepalese communist movement, and he made it clear that the debates in the party were internal and baselessly glamorized by the mass media.  ” The party has firmly united, and everyone has a right to dissent, it is a fundamental right, there is no difference in the targets of CPN-Maoist or CPN-UML, that is past we are one now”

Speaking about the note of dissent made by Former Prime Minister Madhav Kumar Nepal, former Minister Pokharel said that ” A note of dissent was put forward in the meeting, it is an internal matter and everyone has a right to dissent, there will be discussions and the party will move forward in unity considering every opinion, please do not let media exaggerate it to something which it is not” He also said that all outstanding issues will be resolved and the party will be stronger and united in the coming days and most important decisions will be made according to general consensus.