Unanimous Congregation: Rabi needs justice, likely innocent

KATHMANDU, Aug24: A congregation of media personnel along with various artists firmly stand for a fair and free trial of medial personality Rabi Lamichhane, along with Yuvraj Kandel and Roku Karki aka Asmita. Speaking at a special press conference organized at the Reporters Club, actor Nirmal Sharma introduced the intricacies of the case and asked the artists to voice their various concerns on the occasion. The trio’s extended custody ends tomorrow, and they will be produced before the court who will decide on the future course of their fate.

President of the Reporters Club Rishi Dhamala stated “I am confident that justice will be served. We have to have faith in the justice system. Speaking at the program Dhamala said that he was the first journalists to voice his concern regarding this matter urging for a free and fair investigation. He firmly believes that the justice system needs a stronger mechanism, and there needs to be concrete evidence to continue keeping Rabi and the rest in custody. “I also spoke to the Inspector General of Police and he has assured me that Rabi is safe and that he need not worry about his life”. Dhamala also stressed on the importance of being dutiful as a citizen, “we need to let the legal procedures take its course, we have spaces for debate, the Reporters Club is such an avenue for healthy debates and we always encourage that. As media person’s we have to be unbiased and not take sides, we have to allow the justice system to perform its duties “he said.

Similarly, acclaimed Nepali actor Deepak Raj Giri spoke with deep sentiments in the program. He had faced tough situations in life and he offered his support to Rabi for what he is currently going through. He started by saying “May the departed soul rest in peace. I know it is extremely painful even to think of taking this drastic step. Life is like that and there are injustices in every step. There are hurdles and it always poses extreme challenges which make certain individuals quite midway. The current framework of law especially relating to the abetment of suicide has many loopholes. A person who dies may or may not be correct, we cannot look at a criminal case with a sentiment. Why are they numerous people in the streets protesting in favor of Rabi? He is the one who provides hope to the voiceless, and his phenomenal work is a result of him being popular among the general masses. Rabi is innocent, while suicide in itself is a heinous crime. I feel that he will get justice tomorrow. Rabi will continue a hero as against the villain he is made to be, with his continued great work in media”.

Popular action hero Nikhil Upreti spoke at length of the current state of the society and its mindset. “ I hope and pray for Rabi’s release he said, but in case he is guilty no one is above the law”, he thanked the Reporters Club for providing this platform where they could address their genuine concern regarding the current system and the injustice due to certain procedural loopholes. “We have to accept the legal framework and not protest in the streets, our institutions are in place and working within the mechanism guaranteed by the system and the constitution, let us hope for a free and fair investigation,” he said.

Actor Ramesh Upreti who was also present on the occasion kept it short by expressing his personal views that he had regarding the matter ” A free and fair investigation is required, we have to follow legal procedures, Pray for Rabi’s release, and in case of him being found guilty no one is above the law” he said.

Also on the occasion actor, Anurag Kunwar stated his confidence that the investigative unit will be fair and arrives at a conclusion which will serve justice. He also spoke about justice for women for what they are going through. He said three women’s life has been miserable, late wife of slain journalist Pudsaini, accused Roku Karki aka Asmita, and Nikita wife of media personality Rabi Lamichhane. I hope they get justice soon he said.

The press conference was organized in solidarity for the earliest release of Rabi Lamichhane who they feel is being framed in this case. His extended custody ends tomorrow, and the court will decide the future course of action. There is hope that Rabi would be released from custody tomorrow.