Koshi Hospital treated over 2,500 viral fever patients, 60 with dengue in two months

Koshi Zonal Hospital

BIRATNAGAR, Aug 27: The Koshi Zonal Hospital treated over 2,500 viral fever patients and 60 dengue patients in two months, according to the hospital.

Over 30 patients visit the hospital on a daily basis with complaints of fever, headache, body pain and vomiting. The symptoms are similar to that of dengue fever.

The visiting patients are from both urban and rural areas of Morang and Sunsari district.

40 of them were diagnosed with dengue and provided treatment.

Doctors have advised people to wear mask, stay away from the crowd, take plenty of fluid and give special attention to sanitation and hygiene to avoid the disease.

Dengue fever is transmitted to humans by mosquitos called Aedes agegypti. To prevent its proliferation is the most effective way is to stay safe from the disease.

Besides, wearing clothes largely covering the body while making movements outside the home during the daytime, staying away from the crowd, sleeping under mosquito nets and limiting exposure to mosquitoes would help protect from the disease transmission, doctors said. RSS