Incompetent Callousness: Mysterious death of guide Dhurba Bista

KATHMANDU, Aug29: In what can be seen as complete incompetent callousness in part of authorities and the tourism administration, the death of guide Dhurba Bista has revealed the utter lack of humanity and self-respect even at its end. The family members of Dhurba have filed a complaint stating that his death was mysterious and mainly due to negligence. His death was also not revealed to the members in time for them to take any action.

An emotional Usha late Dhurba’s sister sobbingly in grief has requested that there be further investigation to the cause of her brother’s death. Speaking at a special interaction program at the Reporters Club today she requested everyone present to take note of her plight and extreme sorrow. “He died under unnatural circumstances and there is no evidence to actually prove that Dhurba who was a well-known mountain climber and an ace guide would have died due to altitude sickness. His death remains a mystery” she said.

(An emotional Usha broke down in grief speaking in reminiscence of her brother) 

Dhurba Bista is said to have succumbed from altitude sickness while they brought him to the base camp. He passed away on the 24th of May this year. The post mortem report states death due to high altitude sickness although the family members aren’t convinced and looking back at his strong mountaineering history it directs them toward negligence and the entire episode is shrouded in mystery yet to uncover.

7 years of mountaineering experience along with guiding various high altitude climbers to reach their destination, it is extremely difficult for the family to believe that Bista succumbed to high altitude sickness. He was taken from Himalaya Trek in Thamel to guide a mountaineer to Everest which has a string of fatalities over the past year.

The government charges anywhere from 20 thousand US dollars, and they leave nothing for the guide, while if there is a death in such a case the compensation amounts to roughly 14 thousand US dollars for the guide, whereas for the trip the guide gets only one thousand dollars. The discrepancy of Bista’s death still remains while guides still are there endangering their lives only to receive roughly 10 percent of what is being charged.