Kushe Aunsi today (In Pictures)

Kushe Aunsi

KATHMANDU, Sept 9: Kushe Aunsi also known as Father’s Day is being observed across the country today.

Devotees of Hindu bring kush, a holy grass, into their houses in a belief that it garners well-being in the house hold. The grass Kush is regarded as a symbol of Lord Vishnu.

Sons and daughters express their love and respect to their father with greetings and presents on this day. In return, they receive blessings from their fathers.

On this day, bereaved off-springs visit temples near them and perform Shraddha, a ritual performed in honor of departed parents. It is believed that Shraddha help a departed soul rest in peace and protect their lineage.

Hundreds thronged Gokarneshwor Temple in Kathmandu since early morning to observe Kushe Aunshi.  On the occasion, Reporters Club Nepal photographer Mukunda Kalikote reached Gokarneshwor temple to capture the moments in his camera.

Photos: Mukunda Kalikote