Grand religious fair of Kageshwari to commence tomorrow: Over 100,000 attendees

KATHMANDU, Sept 4: The Kageshwari Mahadev Temple located at Gagalfeidi of Mangeshora Municipality will begin a grand religious fair starting tomorrow. The management committee informed the Reporters Club today at a press conference that all necessary preparations were completed.

Speaking at the program Mr. Krishna Hari Thapa the Mayor of Kageshwari municipality and patron of the grand fair organization committee invited all the devotees in and out of the country to attend. It will be a thoroughly observing affair, and it will also attract a lot of religious tourists. The organizational committee chief also ensured that the fair would be decent which will attract people from all over the country for this religious purpose.

(Mayor Krishna Hari Thapa) 

This fair is expected to have over a hundred thousand devotees attending, and the management has stressed that all necessary preparations were completed in order to welcome them. Since the name of the municipality is named after the renowned and sacred Kageshwari Mahadev temple, the municipality has given special importance to the fair to be held on the premises of the temple. It has also scheduled special programs stretching for a period of three days.

The prime purpose of organizing such an event of this scale is to establish the identity of Kageshwari Mahadev Temple, where a 5kg metal idol is installed. Chief of the organizing committee Mayor Thapa also said that the program was to initiate inauguration and at the same time conduct religious discourses.

The purpose of developing it as a religious tourist site was to establish the identity of Kageshwari Mahadev Temple by establishing a 5 kg metal cork idol, said Thapa. Tomorrow is the inauguration of the temple, and this will be followed by cleaning and other services in the coming days.

The temple was designed by the archaeological department and was allocated a budget of ten million Nepalese rupees. It includes a view tower, picnic spot, and fine tended garden and pathways aimed to attract tourists from all over the country. The view tower will offer views of Sundarijal, and the Kageshwari municipality.

Speaking at the press conference, Mr. Mukunda Gajurel, Chairman of the Kageshwari -Manohara Municipality Ward 1 said that the preparations were completed successfully, and even journalists were invited to cover the grand even. They will manage the program further in the coming years to make it even more eventful as this is just the beginning. The organizers also said that public holidays will be given to the people living in the municipality and this tradition will continue.

(Mukunda Gajurel)

Mukunda Gajurel, Chairman of Kageshwari-Manohara Municipality ward number one and Chairman of Mahamela Management Committee at the program said that all preparations for the Mahamala were made and all the journalists including devotees were invited to attend the fair.

(Mukunda Sharma) 

Mukunda Sharma the Founder of Oscar Sound, responded by saying that the campaign for the three-day ritual fair will be glorious in achieving religious peace of mind, and the devotees will have a great time, cleansing themselves from the holy water from Gosaikunda. He said this will be maintained as a prime tradition.

The committee is confident that this fair will be successful and they will continue increasing in number in the years to come. Kageshwari Mahadev Temple will be known as one of the most attractive religious sites in Kathmandu in the years to come.