Will fast-unto-death at the gate of the Supreme Court: Mother of Late Yuvraj Shah

KATHMANDU, Sept 5: The parents of late Yuvraj Kumar Shah who was abducted and later mercilessly killed by the abductors have issued a strong statement against the Supreme Court’s decision to let go two of the accused.

Speaking at the Reporters Club in Kathmandu in a press conference the parents have asked for justice and requested concerned authorities to take the matter seriously. In a frantic plea to all major institutions of justice the parents have asked for stringent punishment and to overturn their decision to let go the accused in the case.

Mother Babita Devi said that the murderers should be given harsh sentences and if they do not heed her pleas and take action she will fast-unto-death at the gate of the Supreme Court. Even after the investigation unit submitted all the pieces of evidence against the accused the Supreme Court has let two of them go, and so they are willing to go to any step to get justice for her son she said. Speaking at the program she stated “If my son does not get justice his soul won’t rest in peace. The Supreme Court has made a mistake and they should correct it immediately. It has been over a year seeking justice and for a mother to lose her only 12-year-old child is unbearable and the murderers are now walking freely which has been agonizingly painful”.

Yuvraj Kumar Shah was forcibly abducted from his home on June 9th, 2018 from Kathhariya-3 of Rautahat district. The following day a call was made for a ransom of 10 million Nepalese rupees. The same day within 24 hrs of his abduction he was murdered in a gruesome manner. Father Dileep Shah had then filed a case at the local police station. Although 17 people were found guilty and charged with abduction and murder 12 were criminated, 5 of them are still at large.

Dileep Shah who lost his son had provided call details, along with statements of the scene of the crime, and there was ample evidence against all of the accused. The district courts had found them guilty and were sentenced. The accused appeal at the high court and 4 of them were released on bail, and the Supreme Court let two of the accused go scot-free. Dileep voiced his dissatisfaction of this matter and said, “They killed my only son in the most gruesome manner and now they are roaming the streets freely, is this justice?”.

(Dileep Shah) 

5 of the accused are still at large in this case and Shah stated that he and his family are no longer safe till they are not caught. He said, ” on one hand 5 of the accused have not been found and on the other, the Supreme Court is letting go of two more, I have not yet come into terms of the loss of my son and now I am having to face this from the justice system”.

According to Shah, Yuvraj was abducted from his home and the abductors who were heavily armed threatened to kill the other family members too if they did not cooperate. The next day a ransom call was made demanding 10 million Nepalese rupees failing to comply they would take their son’s life. The investigating unit was able to capture the abductors but it was too late, Yuvraj had been shot mercilessly, and he was already killed. The court found several guilty including Shakti Kumar Yadav, Praveen Kumar Yadav, Ramjha Prasad Yadav, Krishna Autar Raya Yadav, Ritesh Yadav, Firhodeen Yadav, Lal Baby Raya Yadav, Rameshwor Raya Yadav, and Hoshnarayan Yadav.

Hoshnarayan Yadav during the time of the incident was working in the police station and he too was involved in this crime. He is said to be at large, while his name is on the list of fugitives.

Speaking at the press conference Niranjan Jasiwal the cousin of the deceased said that he hoped that justice would be served and that he was hopeful that the Supreme Court will give them justice. He also said that those guilty must be given the severest punishment for this dastardly crime.