Life term sentence and property nationalization of corrupt individuals: National People’s Liberation Party

“Till our nation is not self-sufficient every civil servant whether central, federal or local should not be allowed to withdraw their salaries and receive benefits”

KATHMANDU, Sept 6: The National People’s Liberation Party has stressed on providing maximum punishment to the corrupt and anti-national elements within the country. It has stated that they seek life imprisonment, along with their private assets and properties nationalized in the form of a judicial order.

On the completion of their 100th-day campaign against corruption, they organized a press conference at the Reporters Club. In their press release, they have stated that stringent action is to be taken against corrupt individuals. They have also asked to speed up the judicial process regarding corruption cases that is ongoing in the country. Further, they have also asked a stronger mechanism for the judiciary to deal with such cases in a time-bound and independent manner without any influence. They have also asked the investigations to be free and fair to punish even the most powerful individual’s involved in corruption right from the Panchayat era to the current regime.

Since its inception, the National Liberation Party had taken a stance against corruption and has maintained that “corruption should not be controlled, rather it should be completely eradicated”. For this to materialize, they seek constitutional provisions along with the help of the judiciary to frame stringent laws that would have the harshest of punishments if found guilty.” Till our nation is not self-sufficient every civil servant whether central, federal or local should not be allowed to withdraw their salaries and receive benefits”

(Keshav Suryabanshi)

According to the Party’s press release, they had submitted 39 points memorandum to the government last year, and all the details were available regarding their stance on dealing with corruption. In the memorandum, it stated “Nepal is going through a critical phase where corruption is institutionalized, and there was an urgency to immediately stand against corrupt practices. Corruption should be wiped out and to create awareness we have taken this up as a national agenda, through our various programs in the form of a campaign”.

For a corrupt-free Nepal and its development responsibility should be taken from the center-right from the leaders who are at the top. Speaking at the press conference the General Secretary of the party Keshav Suryabanshi

“For any political leadership it is imperative to take action and that leadership should be exemplary of a higher moral ground committed toward the actual development for the nation and its people”.

Several other issues were discussed that were in line with their demands for their anti-corruption campaign. One of the main features was to disallow people from overspending during an election and penalize any political party that fails to fulfill their election manifesto promises. For the latter, the party also stated that there should be a provision for the right to court.

(Mekhraj Pariyar)

The campaign that had gone for over 100 days had reached various parts of the country from the local to federal level through various programs and community outreach. They plan to organize a big event in line with the Anti-Corruption Day which falls on the 9th of December later this year.

Also in the program were the Deputy General Secretary and Communications Head Mekhraj Pariyar. Similarly, the party’s Organizational Head Ram Pariyar, Deputy General Secretary Top Ashlami, Vice-President Dal Bahadur Birkatta, and Treasurer Dub Pun were present on the occasion.