Fourth National Conference of the Survivors of Human Trafficking concludes

Reporters Club Nepal: Our Respect project, along with its partners and donors were together en mass to successfully conclude the fourth National Conference of the Survivors of Human Trafficking in Kathmandu. In its conclusion, they derived a 22 point memorandum for the government to seriously implement in order to eradicate human trafficking and at the same time provide relief and necessary support for the victims.  Speaking at a program in the Reporters Club through a press conference survivors from all 7 provinces gathered and participated in order to voice concerns over continuing human trafficking in the country.

The committee which includes a 17 member panel representing all the seven provinces of the country will now be proactively supporting the survivors of human trafficking along with working closely with the Nepal government for the eradication of such a societal menace. The gathering that had concluded in Staff College Lalitpur has further come out with a 22 point memorandum. Ms. Charimaya Tamang the head and a notable anti-human trafficking activist will be heading the committee and overseeing the functioning and work throughout the country. The Executive Committee that consists of 17 members will be spread across the seven federal states working closely with government institutions and as well as providing for a safe passage for survivors of human trafficking.

(Charimaya Tamang) 

Speaking at a program in the reporters club Tamang said “It is a beginning and a first of its kind committee to be established in the country. It has involved people through the seven provinces and we hope that it will reach to the grass-root level which will be an aid to the government in order to tackle the criminality of trafficking and as well as providing relief and repatriation to the survivors. While there were problems in the past related to advocacy our committee will directly deal with individuals to provide safe passage and ensure their rights enabling the process to be hassle-free”. The committee is said to be working in all the levels of the government including local bodies.

The fourth national gathering has given more importance to women and children of trafficked survivors and they hope to provide relief to all the victims that seek help from their organization. In the 22 point memorandum, it has enlisted various measures the government can take by enacting laws which will make it difficult for people to indulge in such ruthless activities and help in its eradication. The memorandum also takes about several ways where the victims can be provided with timely aid and relief in order to bring them back into the mainstream and ensure that they are both physically and mentally fit. It also brings in the issue of legal recourse they can take and necessary support.

According to the press release signed by the Chairman Chari Maya Tamang, it was the country’s first-ever national network of human trafficking survivors. Survivors from seven provinces attended the event, to commemorate the first time in Nepal’s history. This new beginning was announced in the fourth National Conference of the Survivors of Human Trafficking. This national network will closely work with the government of Nepal to address the issues related to protecting the human rights of survivors, women, and children.

This event was organized by Our Respect Project and received generous donations from USAID and the UKAID. The Freedom Fund, and Free a girl child Hope also contributed to its success.