Emancipation and Empowerment: Securing the rights of Dalits

Reporters Club: A mass gathering came forward in order to speak on the rights and protection of Dalit’s in the Nepalese society. The gathering took place in order for collective leadership, and the effective implementation of the Nepalese constitution after the Republic came to place.

The program was attended and addressed by three former Prime Ministers and there were over 100 Dalit representatives that took part in the program.

Addressing the program Former Prime Minister and Chairman of the Nepal Communist Party (NCP) stated that there was a design to weaken the federalist structure and its institutions. He said that the political revolution that brought about this change in Nepal was yet to be fully amalgamated. He also warned that there were several elements that were involved in trying to bring back the status quo disregarding the sacrifices made by the people for the Republic.

In the address, he also said that the rights of the Dalit were fundamentally extremely important, and there was no difference of though among various other political parties in this regard. Everyone is on the same page when it comes to the issue of Dalit rights and untouchability. He said that this unwanted discriminatory practice should end and until and unless this is not completely eradicated from our society then we would not be able to fully develop into a strong and prosperous nation.

In the same program addressing the activists of the Dalit community former Prime Minister and President of the Nepali Congress Party said that the development of the community is a need for the hour, he looked back at when he was the PM where he began a scholarship and a development committee for the Dalit’s.

He also expressed grave concern that even though there were provisions ensuring rights for Dalits, yet till today the community is discriminated against. He also said that there was growing dissatisfaction among people with the current government and that people should learn to strictly adhere to the constitution. Similarly speaking at the same program former Prime Minister Dr. Baburam Bhattarai said that the issue of caste and

Untouchability was the dirt of the Nepalese society. The Hindu scriptures have to be corrected and not misinterpreted he said. Speaking as an example the former PM spoke about B.R. Ambedkar where he mentions that discrimination was faced because of the misinterpretation of the scriptures and it is our fundamental duty to have them changed. Unless we do not change, there is no use for discussion, we have to implement it in actions to make an actual difference to the people, he said.

Dr. Bhattarai also said that although everything was written in words it still has to be implemented into actions. He said that the Dalits were still underrepresented in various major organs of the government including the judiciary.

Also addressing the gathering Former Minister and leader of the Nepali Congress Min Bahadur Biswakarma stated the need for the legal system to provide justice in cases of caste-based discrimination.  He spoke on the hassle faced by individuals while trying to register a case against various forms of discrimination that are still prevalent in the Nepalese society.

This mass gathering will continue for two days with various discussions for securing the rights of the Dalit citizens of the country.