GoN serious on issues of violence against women and rights of the elderly: Minister Thapa Magar

KATHMANDU Sept 10: Minister for Women, Children, and Senior Citizens Thamamaya Thapa Magar spoke on the issue of rights regarding elderly citizens and women at a special interaction program in the Reporters Club. Minister Thapa said that the government was serious in implementing laws that would enable senior citizens to get more benefits and secure their rights. The Cabinet decision made for an awareness campaign regarding violence against women was also a historic decision and it will be implemented in all the even federal states of Nepal. Special legal recourse for women who have faced violence is an important step taken by the current government and these programs are meant to create awareness among the masses.

The Minister added that “we need to change the mindset of the people in order to curb incidents of violence against women. She said that it was important for the general public to participate and act as an aid in order to stop such criminal activities. “We need a just society where serious implementation as envisaged in the constitution was necessary to curb multiple incidents that have threatened the peace and lives of women in the society”.

(Minister for Women, Children, and Senior Citizens Thamamaya Thapa Magar) 

Minister Thapa also outlined that although there were laws being framed within the state levels its implementation is taking time. One of the prime reasons indicated for such incidents was the active prevalence and use of social media where people are interacting on a daily basis, and women were being targeted, lured with attractive salaries and perks and are being trafficked to various parts of the world. The use of social media has been increasing this crime, and it was also necessary for the press to disseminate timely information on this matter.

She said that “although data suggests there is an increasing trend, the government is serious and concerned regarding such incidents and it will take active measures in order to curb such criminal activity. The Minister also added that it was essential to provide jobs, economically viable opportunities that would make women self-reliant rather than dependent in the society so that there is a control over seeking attractive dubious offers that are being made.

The government has been working in all the levels right to the local, in order to create awareness and the dangers of human trafficking and other illicit activities. Due to rapid urbanization problems have been increasing said the Minister, and in order to put a stop to it, the citizens have to be aware and involved. When asked by journalist Rishi Dhamala, presiding over the interaction program on why isn’t the death penalty given, and why is this not incorporated into law the Minister replied by saying ” It is not an active solution, we need to prevent the crime for happening in the first place rather than meting out harshest punishments which are not listed in the constitution. The women first need to feel safe to go about their daily activities and the death penalty is not an immediate solution.