NC must follow principle of BP Koirala: Leader Poudel

Nepali Congress senior leader Ram Chandra Poudel said NC has not been able to understand and embrace principle and philosophy of BP Koirala. “Birth anniversary of BP Koirala is observed across the country every year. But the main question is whether NC leaders and cadres have understood the principle of BP.

We must understand and follow his principle and philosophy,” he said addressing an event organized today here by NC Tanahur on the occasion of NC’s national awakening campaign. He accused the communist of ruling in favor of proletariats while referring to BP who was in favour of the whole people.

He also stressed the need for creating employment opportunities at the village level. On the occasion, he also unveiled a board reading a series of speeches of BP Koirala during his address in Byas municipality-3 on September 22, 1979. (RSS)