Marijuana: Its enhancement toward well being

The use of, sale or possession of Marijuana is illegal in Nepal. It is known in our society as a dangerous drug, its consumption which leads to various deplorable incidents in our society. This is one of the biggest generalization and a dissembled view that the masses share. In various parts of the world Marijuana use is now scientifically proven and utilized for the greater good of human wellbeing.

Previously research always portrayed its negative aspects toward our health, and there were various forms of investigation and research toward the subject. In recent times Marijuana is said to be beneficial for various diseases and ailments of the human body. Glaucoma of the eye, epilepsy, depression, insomnia, Alzheimer’s, body pain, and indigestion are some of the ailments that can be effectively treated with the consumption of marijuana as shown by recent research.

Further research in the field of medication also shows that Marijuana can control the spread of cancer, and act as an aid to cure addiction of various life-threatening drugs. It has been proven that the use of moderate marijuana has effectively acted as a countermeasure to cure the addiction to harsher drugs and substances. The medications that are made out of marijuana can lessen the suffering and pain of terminal cancer patients. Similarly, it effectively alleviates the mental state.

Marijuana and its use have been mentioned since our ancient times. It is known as “Vijaya” in the Ayurveda’s or forms of alternative medicines taught through ancient Hindu scriptures. In the scriptures, sages discuss its use for the treatment of ailments like running nose, insomnia, premature ejaculation among men, diarrhea, extreme physical pain or discomfort, and mental problems.

The easily available “Madanand Modak” a mineral herb is also made from particles of Marijuana. It is a natural aphrodisiac which is suitable for treating sexual impairment, and it also improves fertility among women. It is a vital energy booster and can be used for sexual health and wellbeing by both men and women. It also improves the mental state, decreases anxiety and treats depression.

With the various utilizations of Marijuana, there are over 80 types of medications to treat several illnesses and promote healthy living. It ranges from several ancient Ayurvedic medications.

Marijuana can also be used as an “anesthetic” or “analgesic” for patients who are in extreme pain or have come out of rigorous surgery, it helps ease suffering. Its intake helps increase sperm count in men and aids women if they are facing problems of infertility. It helps control weight, blood pressure, and also provides mental peace and happiness. This is one of the prime reasons why Marijuana was grown and used as a potent formula to produce ancient ayurvedic medication.

Marijuana has been legalized in countries like Uruguay, Netherlands, Spain, South Africa, and Colombia, and several other nations have decriminalized its possession and personal consumption.

(Originally written by Kusum Bhandari in Nepali translated by Birat Krishna Thapa for Nepali Reporter)