Service and sacrifice for our Nation supreme, responsibility and transparency key: Commander- in- Chief Thapa

KATHMANDU: Speaking at the completion of one year of his appointment as the Commander- in- Chief of the Nepalese Army, Purna Chandra Thapa gave an address of optimism, dynamism, and hope to lay out in detail what had been achieved over the past year and the Nepalese Army future course of action.

He also made a declaration of the property that he owns. Speaking at a press conference on the 11th Chief Thapa’s speech was well determined and well concentrated on the aims and objectives of the Nepalese Army.

Chief Thapa said that our nation has finally crossed over to stability after a long period of internal conflict.

This transition cannot be taken lightly as security challenges remain, and the Nepal Army should be able to discharge its duties in line with its constitutional obligations as an institution. He also said that a Nation will be strong if it has a strong army and vice versa hence we have to look at the nation’s security and interest and work accordingly.

(Commander-in-Chief Purna Chandra Thapa) 

Commander- in- Chief Thapa also said that the military was one of the prime powers and a strong pillar for a nation, making it one of the major elements of national power.

He also further went on to thank the Nepal Army for its services rendered for the people at home and missions abroad.

The entire speech was well covered with the completion of his first tenure toward various programs Civil-Military Cooperation, Quick Impact Project, Mobile Medical Camp, and International Military Sports Council.

He spoke about the value the Nepal Army brings, and which is ready to sacrifice for the nation’s sovereignty and dignity. It is a belief that is held closely with the aspirations of the nation.

He laid out the vision for the Nepal Army, (NA Vision 2030, and Welfare Vision 2030). He added that Nepal Army personnel should seek to serve as long as they are enlisted, there would be a time when they would have to give up their responsibilities, and this is only the system that is to be followed leaving behind work for the future, leaving behind knowledge and experience for newer members that would continue the fine tradition of service to the nation.

Chief Thapa also spoke about the various development efforts within the Nepal Army, Standing Operating Procedures (SOP) as guidelines and delegation of duty, the refurbishment of the Nepal Army digital portal, Oversight cell and establishing a formal Chain of Command. He said the Nepal Army is moving towards more responsibility and transparency through full-fledged digitization.

The Nepal Army was also expected to grow through various educational methods and newer courses, such as the creation of an Instructor Pool, Comprehensive Instructor Development Program, making it attractive and dignified in order for the future development of the Nepalese Army. They would be further guided by a conceptual framework and communication exercise in the near future.

The Chief spoke about the need to further improve the quality of life of Army personnel. They are aggressive toward developing the Cantonment system with a master plan that would eventually be a huge benefit in terms of infrastructure and residential living for the Nepalese Army. There would be a measurable quality of unit life which would be an improvised version as compared to what exists.

The Commander in Chief also stated about various measures being taken for civilian and military partnership through the Quick Impact Project. It was also essential for the Army to get into Defense production in order to reduce the burden on the national economy and at the same time reverse corruption within the Army. In order to achieve these, there would be a Contract Management Unit, along with a Monitoring, Assessment and Reporting Team that would be observing and keeping an account of all the activities making it transparent and authentic. There would be a Specification Preparation Team for procuring contracts for the Nepal Army for its various projects, and each project will be specified with a particular budget. There would also be a requirement based on budgeting.

A National Defense University (NDU) will be set up in the near future. The Nepalese Army will also have further access to modernized weapons and training methods in order to be a part of UN Missions abroad, and as one of the prime troop-contributing countries, it would enable its soldiers to be well equipped and well trained.

Commander in Chief Thapa spoke on selfless service keeping personal interests aside, and taking up the national cause in line with the constitution. He said to come out of the comfort zone mentality that we may possess once in power, but we should not forget our duty, and hence he requested everyone to be more proactive in fulfilling their duties for the greater cause of the nation and her people.