Parental Emotion: Journalist Rishi vows to help those with disabilities

Reporters Club: Krishna Oli and Rupa Magar Oli are well known for their relationship goals and their ability to bond even during the most trying times. Their love for each other has enabled them to overcome hurdles that a common man wouldn’t imagine.

Appearing for an interview with Journalist and President of the Reporters Club Rishi Dhamala in his special interview program “The Citizens want to Know” hosted in Prime Times, Krishna who lost both his hands and legs in a gruesome accident appeared live with his new prosthetics enabling him to carry on a normal course of life.

The couple’s happiness was beyond compare, and in this program, he laid out the trials and tribulations he faced during the entire process. His two months stay in Mumbai for the surgery and the long wait for the prosthetics and material to arrive from Germany.

In the interview, Rishi reflected back on what his daughter had to say mimicking her Father before she left for her surgery to Canada. Little Erika said “the nation wants to know Dad, and tell them I will be back after a successful surgery” making Rishi also the host extremely emotional.

(Journalist and President of the Reporters Club Rishi Dhamala)

Krishna said that “it was a new life, and I am still in the practice phase of the newly placed prosthetic arms and legs”. There are 14 different ways it can be utilized. He spent a total of 10 million Nepalese rupees in order for him to survive the ordeal. He also thanked the entire Nepalese community who helped him generously, along with the Indian and Philippines community.

Journalist Rishi profusely thanked the couple for setting an example of exemplary courage in the Nepalese society while going through such a difficult time, “I salute you” he said in the program.  He also admired the courage and dedication shown by Rupa towards her husband even that the worst hour of crisis where ordinary people do give him. Rupa said “I wanted to be by my husband’s side irrespective of what happened because he would have done the same had I been in place of him. It is a mutual feeling of love that we share and we are always by each other’s side”.

There are many people living with disabilities in Nepal, and those that need them do not have the means to afford it. Through this program journalist Rishi has vowed to help those in need by making the government aware and through various information campaigns regarding this issue. Krishna wants to set up an organization to help similar people. The hardships are real and cannot be ignored, there is no freedom of movement, but with prosthetics, people can change and lead a normal course of life. Toward the end, it was a resolve to help people with disabilities and create an awareness campaign to further this noble cause for support in order to help people lead normal lives.