No self respect in the Republic: Hindu state and Monarchy the only alternative

KATHMANDU, Sept 15: The Eternal Vedic Hindu Kingdom Re-establishment Campaign committee along with the Shiv Sena Party Nepal organized a press conference where many leaders spoke on the current state of affairs in the lives of Nepalese who were facing the oppression of the current government. According to the press release statement of the Eternal Vedic Hindu Kingdom Re-establishment campaign, 10 members were arrested during the celebrations of the Indra Jatra festival and were roughed up by Nepal Police while in custody.

Through the press conference, the leaders warned the current government to release them immediately without any preconditions. Speaking at the program the leaders of the party and the campaign spoke about the current image of the country which is rapidly declining due to the Republic. Leaders Anil Kumar Yogi, Bishnu Prasad Bhattarai, Asmita Bhandari, Shekhar Jung Rayamajhi, Nagendra Deuja, Bikram Bahadur Bom, and Dr. K.B.Roka were present on the occasion. The team was of the opinion that the government was getting barbaric by the day, and unleashing its terror among citizens which were entirely uncalled for and against the spirit of democracy. There was no self-respect for the leadership and that the masses were highly dissatisfied with the government’s current performance.

They spoke against the wrongful detention of their workers while they were peacefully protesting the actions of the President taking part in the activities as was the customary norm of the former King. The leaders were of the opinion that if the President’s republic is secular, then there is no reason for the President to be participating in religious festivities. It is a mere act, while they accused the leaders of promoting western agenda alluding to “holy wine” that the leadership was intoxicated in while the masses suffered.

The press conference highlighted that 91% of the population are Hindu’s and there will come a time when they will unite to bring back Nepal as a Hindu state along with a ceremonial Monarch. Showing the black flag to the President as a sign of protest is a democratic right, and every individual has the right to protest in a democratic country. The leaders said that their workers who were arrested were treated as criminals which were a gross human right violation.

The leaders said that the current government was working against national interest, and were mere puppets to foreign aid and donations. The nation has lost self-respect and the only alternative to bring back the image of a culturally sound nation along with dignity would be to restore Nepal as a Hindu nation and reinstate Monarchy said the leaders in the press conference. The leaders are serious and want their workers to be released immediately.