Streamlining unification, CPN will emerge stronger, Republic to stay: Mani Thapa

Reporters Club: Ruling Nepal Communist Party standing committee member Mani Thapa said that although there was minor dissatisfaction toward the current government, they are working towards fulfilling the objectives of their slogan Prosperous Nepal, Happy Nepalese. Speaking at an interaction program at the Reporters Club Nepal officiated by the President of the club journalist Rishi Dhamala, Mr. Thapa stated that the Republic is here to stay and the federal structure has provided opportunities to the grassroots level inclusive to all.

He said that “there is no alternative to democracy and the Republic that we brought to the nation after historic sacrifices and so many lives lost for the cause. The sacrifices of the people should not go in vain.

(Mani Thapa)

Thapa also stated that the unification process will come to a concrete conclusion with delegation of duties, roles and responsibilities that will strengthen the CPN party further, although there were internal differences they will be sorted out, and although through both the extreme right and the left there were differing opinions regarding the unification of the CPN, unity is certain, and negotiations are being held regularly in order to make the party accommodating and inclusive for all.

When questioned by President of the Reporters Club Rishi Dhamala on the issue of leadership and negotiations with Biplav’s party that has been banned, Thapa said that the country will be under the leadership of PM Oli while the party’s leadership will be handled by Co-chair Prachanda. He also said that the government was in unofficial talks with Biplav and his party and were in the process of negotiating a deal to bring him into mainstream politics, and shun violence.

Thapa also said people should respect the norms and values of democracy while abiding by the constitution. The government was serious toward providing equitable opportunity for all and incorporating value-based policies that would be efficient for the people and country.