Highly intoxicated and uncultured people misbehaved with me: Minister Yogesh Bhattarai

Reporters Club: The Minister of Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation Yogesh Bhattarai said that an intoxicated and advertent crowd surrounded him and misbehaved because the flight was delayed.

It seems this was preplanned and they had consumed drugs before boarding the flight said Minister Bhattarai talking to President of the Reporters Club Rishi Dhamala in his special program in Prime Times news, ” the citizens want to know”.

Talking about the entire incident, Minister Bhattarai said that he had an extremely important issue to raise in the Parliament which could not be differed any longer and it was essential for him to catch the flight in order to make it for the session in the capital. However, even after all his attempts, he was late after attending a program in Tikapur.

(Minister of Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation Yogesh Bhattarai)

Minister Bhattarai had requested the airline to delay the scheduled departure, and he said that he had apologized profusely to the crowd, but Gyanendra Shahi prime accused had a preplanned protest organized, and misbehaved with the Minister while he boarded and was seated on the back seat of the airplane delaying it further.

He said that there was no reason to get angry as he had apologized but they still went on to flash their cell phone cameras out and shoot while few of them were misbehaving to the point of manhandling me, these people are uncultured and they do not have the decency of speech said the Minister, clarifying his stance.