Ruling NCP wing bans Gyanendra Shahi from Kaski district

Yogest Bhattarai

KATHMANDU, Sept 16:Rastriya Yuwa Sangh Nepal, Kaski chapter, a sister wing of ruling Nepal Communist Party has banned Gyanendra Shahi from entering Kaski district.

Issuing a press release on Monday, the NCP wing has accused Shahi of “encouraging conflict, spreading misinformation and creating chaos abusing social media platforms” and “bans Shahi from republic land Kaski.”

The announcement comes two days after Shahi uploaded a video footage on social media which showed a group of angry passengers including Shahi confronting and insulting Tourism Minister Yogesh Bhattrai on a plane after the minister delayed the flight “by an hour”.

The enraged passengers were asking the minister for “justification for putting the plane on hold for an hour and telling him to learn some manners”.

After the viral video attracted a widespread criticism and public anger, Minister Bhattrai apologized to the passenger for inconvenience saying “he was in pressure to attend a parliament meeting the next day and thus had requested Buddha Airlines to put the flight on hold as the program he was attending to started late”. He also said that his team has boarded the plane “fifteen minutes behind the schedule”.

He also termed the protest on the place as pro-monarchy activity aimed to defame him. “The even said we troubled them by submitting seven lakhs signature against Paras Shah at the palace,” the minister wrote on his face book page.

Meanwhile, Bhattarai’s secretariat has condemned the plane protest as “regressive forces” and “threat to democracy”.

Shahi, who was arrested from a press conference in Lalitpur on Sunday, has been released in condition of “not repeating indecent activity again”, according to Lalitpur police.

The police were preparing to file a case against Shahi for misconduct with Minister Bhattarai.

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